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Lyft Smart Savings Plan

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to create a savings plan for Lyft's rider program, leading the development of main creative, web, and in-product UI/UX.

Atlassian cloud consult UI/UX

Designed creative assets and user-friendly UI/UX for enterprise cloud migration initiatives.

Credit Karma pre qualify loan page.

Collaborated with marketing and growth teams to develop a loan program page for CK, creating all creative and UI/UX elements.

Specialized home Page UI/UX

Managed creative during the 2015 Tour De France, while also improving the homepage UI/UX for a more engaging user experience.

Atlassian in product experience

I designed illustrations and pop-up prompts that effectively highlight product features and have proven to enhance the user experience, keeping users engaged on a positive journey.

Facebook Business in product UI/UX

Identified user experience pain points for new users and small businesses, and implemented new illustrations and UI/UX designs to address them.

Atlassian in product UI/UX

Collaborated with the product team to address bottlenecks in the product experience by creating new UI/UX designs and creative solutions.

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