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I worked as a senior visual designer on the growth marketing team at the San Francisco HQ. Some of the highlights of working at Lyft was designing the creative for the Smart Savings Plan a new rider subscription program. While illustrating and evolving Lyfts illustration system I learned everything there is to working in an isometric world. I also learned the best practices in data informed design. Lyft did testing for emails testing different creative for the headers. I also worked on high driver volume days like holidays and events. I improved the driver experience by creating emails that showed when the best times to drive and when the best days are to earn.


Email marketing 

Working on growth marketing creative I developed new illustrations for campaigns weekly. I focused on the driver experience and improving the education around using data to show when the best times to drive and earn and making that information accessible to drivers through push notifications, emails, texts, and in app prompts.

Smart Saving Program

As a Senior Visual Designer, I was quickly given a prominent role at Lyft. Within my first month, I was appointed as the lead illustrator and designer for the Smart Saving Program, which was one of Lyft's largest acquisitions of the year. I collaborated closely with the marketing team's leadership to create a seamless in-app experience for users.

Lyft 8.png

Expanding the illustration to have a human element

While at Lyft I emphasized the importance of incorporating a human touch into the illustration brand strategy to add personality and humanize the brand. During a Fourth of July campaign, my design, which featured a human element, was tested against other designs and outperformed both lifestyle images and isometric designs. This was a validation of my belief character systems with in brand illustration systems this design and demonstrated the impact it can have on marketing campaigns.

Lyft 6.webp
Lyft 3.webp
Lyft 4.webp

Expanding buildings and other settings

At Lyft, I had the opportunity to contribute to the illustration system by designing neighborhoods, airport terminals, and new elements. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of isometric illustration systems and how to effectively expand them. I have since applied these skills to other illustration systems I have worked on, ensuring that each project incorporates the lessons I learned at Lyft.

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