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Credit Karma

As a Designer on the Marketing Team at Credit Karma, I was responsible for designing and developing web pages that effectively communicated the company's message. My efforts included building an internal security site aimed at ensuring the secure handling of financial information by engineers. Additionally, I played a key role in supporting numerous marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives, contributing to the success of the company's marketing efforts.

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Built web pages for the main personal loans page

I designed a visually appealing and user-friendly web page for the personal loan process. I employed a combination of lifestyle illustrations and spot illustrations to effectively communicate the necessary information and steps involved in obtaining a personal loan. The project was a challenging and rewarding experience, as I went through multiple iterations to refine and improve the final design. The end result was a polished web page that received positive feedback from users during testing.

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Creating an ownable lifestyle design system

At Credit Karma, I was part of the team that aimed to elevate the use of stock images in our financial tools. I worked on refining the system by masking out parts of the backgrounds and incorporating the bright and uplifting color palette that is synonymous with the Credit Karma brand. The result was a unique and recognizable visual style that helped to differentiate our financial tools from those of our competitors.

Gifs for email campaigns

While working at Credit Karma, I incorporated the brand's light and fun tone into my illustrations and design work. I created numerous GIFs for various campaigns, and made significant contributions to the company's illustration library by producing designs that aligned with the established tone guidelines.

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Internal Platform Security Site

I designed and built the security site from the ground up, ensuring that security best practices were incorporated and emphasized throughout the site. Although much of the content below the fold is confidential, I am able to showcase the site's branding and header images which reflect the emphasis on security.

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