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Oculus Connect 6

As the Lead Illustrator for OC6, I played a key role in enhancing the illustration system for the event. Working closely with the animation team, I was responsible for bringing the visions of the keynote speakers to life through storyboarding and illustration. It was a thrilling experience to collaborate with Facebook's leadership team and to contribute illustrations that were thought-provoking and educational. The event was an amazing opportunity to showcase my skills and create innovative virtual reality experiences.


Johnson and Johnson creative lab

As the lead illustrator for the CTO of J&J, I was responsible for visualizing the future of surgical training through virtual reality. My role involved creating illustrations that would showcase the potential of VR in medical education, and demonstrate the exciting possibilities it presents for the future of the industry. It was a unique opportunity for me to be at the forefront of this innovative field and contribute my skills towards realizing the vision of the CTO. The final illustrations effectively communicated the impact VR could have on surgical training and the benefits it would bring to both the medical professionals and patients.


Concepts for VR spaces for OC6

Before the event started I was tasked with exploring and expanding the illustration system for the event. I presented spaces in an isometric world, which required me to push the limits of the system. This illustration is just one example of my efforts to create unique and impactful virtual spaces.

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