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Facebook Business

At Facebook Business, I held the position of Senior Visual Designer and was tasked with enhancing the brand illustration system to be more inclusive and diverse. With Facebook Business's expanding reach in the APAC and AMEA regions, there was a need for illustrations that effectively communicated with these regions. I also contributed to the development of various marketing campaigns and in-product illustrations.

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Diversity and inclusiveness for Facebook Business

A while at Facebook Business I evolved the brand illustrations system to be more diverse and inclusive. This was a significant project in my career as it allowed me to deepen my understanding of illustration systems and their impact on design teams' productivity. I developed new character systems, spot illustrations, hero libraries, and a comprehensive component library with hundreds of design elements for designers to utilize. Additionally, I created an icon-based system to support designers in situations where spot or hero illustrations were not appropriate.

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Marketing Campaigns

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Working with the marketing team, I conceptualized unique illustrations to bring campaigns to life. My design work was driven by a desire to meet and exceed marketing standards. One of my designs became a top performer in terms of engagement. This success reinforced the power of effective visual communication, shaping my approach to future marketing campaign illustrations.

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