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Facebook Brand

As a senior brand designer at Facebook, I was responsible for advancing the illustration brand identity within the company's overall brand strategy. To support designers in their work, I developed a comprehensive illustration system and toolkit that included hundreds of pre-made elements. This system allowed for quick execution of projects and ensured consistency across all designs. The examples provided are just a small glimpse into the larger illustration system that I created during my time at Facebook.


Tone guidelines for the brand illustration system

While working on the illustration system for Facebook's brand, I found that incorporating a character-based approach, utilizing tone, color, and style to convey context, greatly enhances visual communication and the overall user experience. This character system deepens the connection between the brand and its audience.


Hero and spot illustration libraries

I developed a comprehensive library of spots and heroes to support the illustration brand strategy. This library was designed to serve as a resource for designers, providing them with a clear understanding of how different items and characters should interact in different scenarios. The library was created with the goal of helping designers create consistent, high-quality designs that effectively communicate the desired message, resulting in a more impactful and memorable user experience. The spot and hero library was a critical component of the illustration system and has played a vital role in helping the brand effectively connect with its audience.


Character Construction System

At the heart of brand illustration systems lies the power of character design to drive user engagement. By placing users in the context of a message, characters effectively convey the intended message, making them a critical aspect of visual communication. Through my experience, I understand the significance of character style in effective branding.


Spot and icon based system

I created a spot and icon based system for designers to utilize in their designs. This system included a library of pre-made elements, including icons and illustrations, that designers could use as a starting point and build upon as needed. The goal of this system was to provide designers with a quick and easy way to create visually appealing designs that align with the brand's style and visual identity, while also providing them with the flexibility to add their own creativity and unique touch to each design.


Implementation of the system

The system is a versatile solution for handling Facebook Brand Policy emails and is capable of addressing a range of issues by adjusting its tone to suit the situation, whether it calls for empathy or optimism. This system effectively resolved a major challenge faced by the Facebook Brand Policy communication team, as they experienced a 120% surge in open tickets during the pandemic. Due to users spending more time at home, the team had to send out more policy communications to ensure their safety, and the system helped them manage the increased workload.

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