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Character System


Inspiring Brand Moments

At the center of my approach is the development of systems that effectively connect with target customer personas and enhance the end-user's experience with the product. I begin by thoroughly analyzing the industry to identify opportunities to create a character system that is both ownable and inspiring.

Customized Style

I am proud to have developed this illustration character system for Facebook Brand. This project represents one of the largest systems I have ever created. The system consisted of hundreds of self-serve assets, which were designed to empower designers and improve the efficiency of visual branding efforts.


Inclusive Systems

I developed a character system for Facebook Business to engage and connect with its diverse customer base. The system leverages the power of character design to enhance the user experience in different places in the world. I used architecture, traditions, and clothing as well as food to create a solution that effectively communicates with Facebook Business users. 

Tone Guides

During the development of the Facebook Business brand illustration system, I incorporated a character system that conveys context through tone, by using color, and style. I saw significant improvement in visual communication with users. This approach gives users more context and strengthens the connection between the brand and its audience.


Create Spaces

In developing the Illustration Brand Strategy for Oculus Connect 6, my goal was to create immersive spaces that accurately contextualized the virtual reality experience. I utilized illustrations instead of traditional product lifestyle imagery to better communicate the potential of VR to users and inspire them with its capabilities.

Character Powers

At the heart of Illustration Brand Strategy lies the power of character design to drive user engagement. By placing users in the context of a message, characters effectively convey the intended message, making them a critical aspect of a brand illustration system. 


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