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I worked as a senior visual designer on the Atlassian brand creative team,  I had the privilege of contributing my design skills to major projects, including ITSM World, one of the company's largest events. I created illustrations in the product and on the website, designed web pages for the cloud consult, and served as the lead brand designer for Atlassian's cart user journey experience. I was also honored to create illustrations for the Work Life blog.

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Designs in Product

I worked on in-product illustrations that guided users toward effectively using Atlassian's products. This experience provided me with valuable insights into the impact that visual cues can have on enhancing the user experience and solidified my understanding of the crucial role of illustration and design in product UI/UX.


ITSM World Tour Web Event

As part of the ITSM event design team, I contributed to the web experience and marketing efforts. I created virtual ticket illustrations used in emails and marketing materials to confirm event registration. I also designed elements for the in-event experiences.

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WorkLife Blog Illustrations

I was proud to have contributed to Atlassian's Work Life blog. I was able to incorporate my skills

and knowledge of the editorial process to create illustrations for Work Life. The above illustration continues to be one of the top-performing articles in the teamwork section of the blog.

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 11.35.46 AM.png

Cloud Migration Page

I collaborated with my team and external agencies to design the cloud consult page. The goal of this web page was to showcase the expertise of our support team members and provide valuable information to customers who need help with cloud migration. I designed the page to inspire confidence in Atlassian's ability to meet customer needs during their migration process and was created with a focus on creating a unique user experience. 

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