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Amplify Las Vegas 2022

The Brief: Amplitude is hosting its largest in-person event at the Aria in Las Vegas. Amplitude brand creative team led by the art director, two senior brand designers (I'm one of those), and two midlevel designers will create the concept development and event identity to fit well within Amplitude's current brand system. Create the end-to-end experience from concept to retrospective. The brand creative team will handle the development of the event design system for the signage, booths, welcome desk, banners, digital marketing materials, event web page design, and experience, as well as working with all speakers and keynote speakers to ensure that all talks and panels are all within the brand event esthetic.

The Work: A month before the event our team started on the concept for the event design system. I did concepts and iterations on the welcome desk creative that kicked off the design system for the event and leveraged Amplitude's shape-based system to tell the event brand story of Amplitude's data analytics platform. I developed the creative for the banners and the welcome desk and worked with an agency to make sure that the smaller print deliverables remained on brand for the event. While developing the concept for the event I started to wireframe the main event landing page and eventually, as we developed the event identity I designed the events registration and landing page to be aligned with event branding. For the actual event, I worked closely with the CEO, CPO, and many other speakers to collaborate on their keynotes to make them perfect. In the keynote presentations, we leveraged the shape system and the 3d data viz system to create animations and on-click moments that created an impact on their keynotes and a seamless presentation. 

The outcome: The event was the largest in-person event that Amplitude has put on and generated hundreds of leads and fostered the community of data analytics. Our team was able to exceed expectations and put on a flawless event.

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